Medical And Pediatric Oncology

Dr. Boben Thomas

Earlier patients on chemotherapy required multiple days of hospital admission. With the current developments that has happened in oncology ,it is possible to administer majority of anti cancer drugs on an outpatient basis. OiO will be providing cancer treatment that includes Immunotherapy, targeted therapy ,oral chemotherapy etc on an outpatient basis. This will enable patients to take treatment at their convenience

Radiation Oncology

Dr.Nidhin Raj

The department of Radiation Oncology provides consultation on various aspects of radiation therapy.

Surgical Oncology

Dr Ansar P P

The department of Surgical Oncology offers a wide spectrum of surgeries for cancers in the breast, head and neck, thoracic region, gastrointestinal malignancies, gynaecological malignancies, Pelvic malignancies, bone and soft tissue sarcomas.

Clinical Psychology

Ms Shaarika Menon

Psycho- Oncology is a subspeciality that focuses on the psychological aspects – emotional, social and behavioral factors of the patient as well as his/her caretakers. It also deal with the psycho-social factors, subsequent and previous behavioral patterns that effect the process of the disease.

Helping to cope with the distress that occured during the course of the illness, that has taken a toll on the patient and their loved ones is as integral part of cancer care as other areas of treatment.

Psychological support being available to them as soon as the diagnosis has been communicated will help in making sense of unfamiliar emotions and feelings that suddenly engulf them. Handling the stress of the patient can be stressful, being aware and updated of what to expect can help them assist with greater intent.

A part from the pharma oncological and medical interventions , the importance of psychological support has always weighed heavily as numerous researches in this filed have evidenced. An array of psychotherapies including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Dialectical behavior therapy, supportive therapy and mindfulness based therapies can be used in dealing with and identifying negative thought patterns, depression, anxiety and in pain management , will help the patient and their caregivers tide over this shift their lives.

Onco Nutrition

Ms. Usha Suresh Babu

Diet for for cancer patients is very important & it has developed as a separate speciality by itself. Every cancer patient has this question on “what to eat & what not to eat”. At OIO we will provide a scientific answer to those questions. Unfortunately there are so many myths associated with diet & cancer. Our experienced dietician will be to provide a dedicated balanced diet considering the local taste.

Onco Social Work

Ms Vinaya Mackil

Onco social work is a professional body which provides assistance to patients, families & caregivers to deal with the traumatic experience of facing cancer.

We help to manage the many challenges of “ living with cancer”. We understand that the diagnosis of cancer not only affects the patient alone but the entire family.

The comprehensive psychosocial assessments see to it that the pediatric,adolescence,adult & elderly patients receive age specific assistance. It includes sessions where one engage open heartedly with empathy & compassion in different formats either alone or with the family.

These sessions will help to address the impact of cancer & cancer treatment at a physical,emotional,social & spiritual level. It also provides assistance with survivorship, providing helping hand in palliative care & end of life issues.

Onco social workers are patient centered in their approach & can a big difference in the quality of life of a patient & their near & dear one’s.