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Ottakattil Institute of Oncology – A next-generation Cancer clinic

At OIO we have incorporated the latest diagnosis and treatment systems to ensure we provide the best care that is available. Our panel of expert doctors across various specialties ensures holistic care from diagnosis to treatment and follow up. 


Talk to world-class oncologists from your home

We now have online consultation as a fast, safe, and easy way to meet a doctor from the comfort of your home. Online consultation brings flexible and convenient access for the patients to consult our panel of doctors to get a personalized cancer treatment plan. Patients can do a follow-up consultation without having to visit the hospital.

From the comfort and convenience of your home, get access to Cancer Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Follow-up. 

Take a second opinion from a team of experts

Cancer is a complex disease. A second opinion can help you feel confident in your treatment plan. Cancer treatment is more about teamwork than an individual effort. At OIO we ensure that our patients get the best possible outcome. A better treatment plan has the potential to prevent a misdiagnosis and improve prognosis. And, perhaps even save a life. Make sure you always get a second opinion on your cancer treatment. 


Holistic and complete care 

In addition to the medical department, we also provide services of supporting departments including Clinical Psychology, Onco-nutrition, and Medical Social Work. These departments play a vital role in the overall management of cancer care. At OIO, we make sure that the patients get an adequate chance to discuss their social, psychological, and nutrition issues with experts.


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Patient Testimonials

“It is a great privilege and an unforgettable experience to have met you. I am filled with immense gratitude to you for all your sacrifices for bringing my child back into life. Your Quality and integrity as a doctor and more fundamentally as a person shine through. Your kindness, sincere caring, and concern have been a great encouragement for my son and our family too. The smile on your face while entering the chemo ward is itself the most powerful encouragement that brightens up anyone’s day. The truly genuine nature of your care and tolerance during all the emotional and mental phases of cancer treatment has resulted in such good results for my son. When all the trauma of this disease weighed heavy on heart, you were able to make it light. I knew that my son was in the best hands, he could be in. God guided your hands to clean it out! I can’t thank you enough for the service and commitment of your staff too. My family and I are deeply grateful for your skill and caring heart. May God bless you and your family. May God lead you to save many more lives.”

Moni Dethose

” Thank you, dear Doctor, for being a friendly Doctor. Rare these days. Your friendliness adds therapeutic value to what you do for patients like me.

In college and afterward you must have confined yourself only to books and journals related to your field. However, in your school days, I wonder if you ever read old English novels in a rural setting. In these stories, there were three people who were key to the welfare of the village, and their opinions were considered to be the final word on things. The parson (ministering to the soul), the teacher (to the mind), and the doctor (to the body). The farmer was also an important person and was depicted as an honest person, but the persons whose word carried authority were the parson, the teacher, and the doctor. Once these three had given their verdict on a matter the whole village would agree.”
Thank you for restoring nobility to your calling by being kind and friendly.
In Christ’s love,

Reverend Kuruvilla Chandy

” I would like to say my sincere thanks to Dr. Boben Thomas. He helped me to realize my breast cancer through the talk shows. From that video, I got an awareness about this cancer that is why I understood my cancer at the earliest stage. Now I completely recovered from that disease. Thank you so much for your precious help. You saved my life.”